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birthday play date

Friday I had a vacation day, so in the morning Abby and I finally managed to get together so she could assist me in making the door draftblocker. It’s about four inches too short, because apparently I am incapable of properly remembering measurements…sigh…but we had fun hanging out! We took Ezra a birthday present, which he enthusiastically tore open.

He and Eleanor played with balls for a while…

And banged on the window…

And played the guitar…

Then in the evening my awesome husband took Eleanor to Ace Hardware with him for a daddy-daughter date, so I got 90 minutes all to myself, and gave myself a pedicure. It’s the first time I’ve had painted toenails in probably almost a year and a half…because the last few months I was pregnant I was so fat I had trouble reaching my toes, and then since E was born I haven’t had the time to sit down and pamper myself. I love vacation days!

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